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Lawsuit filed: LFT challenges constitutionality of 'Red Tape" act

As promised, the Louisiana Federation of Teachers has filed a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Act 749, Governor Bobby Jindal’s “Red Tape Reduction and Local Waiver Empowerment Program.” Joining LFT in the lawsuit, filed in the 19th Judicial District Court in Baton Rouge, are the East Baton Rouge Federation of Teachers and the Jefferson Federation of Teachers.


LFT to file lawsuit challenging “Red Tape” act

(Baton Rouge – June 18, 2010) The Louisiana Federation of Teachers will file a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of HB 1368, the so-called “Red Tape Reduction and Local Waiver Empowerment Program,” Federation President Steve Monaghan announced today


Senate capitulates to governor, adopts "Red Tape" bill

(June 16, 2010) On Tuesday evening, the Senate joined the House of Representatives in surrendering its lawmaking authority to the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education. By a 23-14 vote, the Senate approved HB 1368 by Rep. Jane Smith (R-Bossier City), the so-called Red Tape Reduction and Local Waiver Empowerment program.

LFT strongly opposed the bill, calling it  a "misnamed and misleading" assault on public education and the separation of powers in state government


How bad can it get?

How bad can things get for public education in Louisiana? As the old song says, “You ain’t seen nothing yet.”


“Red Tape Reduction” bill sails through House of Representatives

Undeterred by the objections of teachers, the House of Representatives approved Gov. Bobby Jindal’s signature education legislation, HB 1368 by Rep. Jane Smith (R-Bossier City), by a 68-20 margin. The fight to stop this misleading and mislabeled bill will now move to the Senate, with its first stop at the Education Committee.


Workforce Commission backs LFT and Filipino teachers

Universal Placement International to repay $1.8 million in illegally charged fees.

(Baton Rouge – April 16, 2010) A Louisiana Workforce Commission administrative law judge has ruled in favor of the Louisiana Federation of Teachers, the American Federation of Teachers and Filipino educators who were victims of an illegitimate California-based recruiting firm.


“Bondage and harassment” alleged against Philippine recruiter

LFT president: Recruiter’s behavior “disgusting and an affront to basic American values.”

(Baton Rouge - April 6, 2009) Filipino teachers in Louisiana saw the wheels of justice take a turn on Monday when the state’s Workforce Development Commission held a hearing on the validity of contracts that allegedly violate state and federal law.


Jindal shouldn’t shift state costs to local school boards

(Baton Rouge – February 23, 2010) Governor Bobby Jindal should rethink budget plans that would force local school boards to shoulder millions of dollars of expenses that should be paid by the state, Louisiana Federation of Teachers President Steve Monaghan said today


LFT to Jindal: For the common good, avoid another contentious session

(Baton Rouge – February 9, 2010) Instead of imposing even more top-down regulations that suggest little concern for the perspective or expertise of classroom educators, Gov. Bobby Jindal should work with educators as he crafts his legislative agenda for the coming session, Louisiana Federation of Teachers President Steve Monaghan said today.