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Jindal a no-show at privatization debate

(Baton Rouge – August 16, 2011) Even though thousands of public employees are wondering how they will be affected by the proposed privatization of a state health insurance plan, Gov. Bobby Jindal and his advisors skipped a League of Women Voters forum on the subject Tuesday.

That left only opponents of the privatization scheme, including Louisiana Federation of Teachers President Steve Monaghan, to talk about the issue.


Tobacco tax veto irresponsible, indefensible

“We understand that Gov. Jindal has drawn a line in the sand with his no new taxes pledge,” Monaghan said. But on one side of this line are cheaper cigarettes, addiction, cancer and death. On the other side is better health. There ought to be no political downside for the governor to allow the extension of this existing tax.”
- LFT President Steve Monaghan

Click here to tell your senator and representative to override Governor Jindal's veto!


Political Theater a Poor Choice for Louisiana in Fiscal Crisis

(Baton Rouge – May 25, 2011) As Louisiana faces a $1.6 billion budget deficit, the Legislature has advanced bills that would eliminate Louisiana's corporate and personal income taxes. Another would make it even more difficult to pass budget bills in the House of Representatives. This is apparently being done without significant opposition from the governor’s office.


LFT: No need to rush appointment of new superintendent

(Baton Rouge – May 12, 2011) Governor Bobby Jindal and the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education should be in no hurry to appoint an interim state superintendent of education, Louisiana Federation of Teachers President Steve Monaghan said today.


Public employees appeal to communities for support

(Baton Rouge – April 9, 2010) As their colleagues around the nation face questions about the value of their salaries and benefits, public employees in Louisiana are campaigning to demonstrate what they mean to their communities.


Jindal’s tax breaks another example of bad choices

(Baton Rouge – February 17, 2011) Governor Bobby Jindal’s announcement that he will seek even more tax breaks, adding to the more than 440 already in place, is an example of the poor choices that have contributed to Louisiana's current fiscal crisis, Louisiana Federation of Teachers President Steve Monaghan said today.

“Just one day after announcing that education funding will be frozen for another year, the governor now says that he wants to add to the more than $7 billion in tax loopholes that are starving the services Louisiana families depend on,” said Monaghan.